2D Skin Rejuvenation

2D Skin Rejuvenation is an comprehensive, two-tiered approach to re-energize healthy skin and revitalize the skin’s surface.  Through a series of cutting-edge procedures, 2D Rejuvenation treats layers of the skin, addressing multiple problem areas at one time.  Most people may have one, two, three, or more trouble areas that need to be addressed at the same time.  Our 2D Skin Rejuvenation is designed to treat multiple skin problems for optimal results.  Focusing on the three Ts: texture, tone and tightness, the 2D Skin Rejuvenation system provides clients with a healthy, youthful appearance in just a few weeks.

This 2-step approach utilizes your choice of either (2)

The combination of Carbon Laser Facial, Chemical Peel, Photo Genesis*, Laser Genesis, and/or 755nm treatments.

* Photo Genesis can only be combined with Laser Genesis and/or 755nm treatments.

When you combine our 2D Skin Rejuvenation services in 1 visit, you will ignite collagen and elasticity 2 to 5 times the average rate, compared to standalone Skin Rejuvenation treatments.  The results can be dramatic!

Add our Premium Skin Care products and other minimally invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse or Belotero) and your rejuvenation can approach surgical results.  Talk to us about cost-saving packages!

2D Skin Rejuvenation FAQ:

The ideal candidate for 2D Rejuvenation?

Anyone seeking an improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, irregular pigment and stretch marks.  Those also seeking improvement in the overall health and appearance of the skin.  Both men and women can see excellent results with 2D Rejuvenation.

Which 2D combination is best for me?

Each 2D Rejuvenation treatment will be hand tailored to each clients specific needs.  Our skin specialists will listen and learn to better understand your skin concerns.  Upon full understanding of your goals, a comprehensive skin protocol will be recommended.

What areas are treated with 2D Rejuvenation?

The face and neck are most often targeted with 2D Rejuvenation, but the hands, arms, back, buttocks, legs and abdomen can also benefit from the procedure.

Who performs the procedure?

Our licensed Esthetician and/or Certified Laser Technician.

How long does 2D Rejuvenation take?

Each step in the 2D Rejuvenation process will take between 30 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on the area being treated.

What can I expect from the recovery period after 2D Rejuvenation?

Clients can expect the recovery period, after 2D Skin Rejuvenation, to take just a few days.  Initially, clients may notice mild redness or swelling of the skin.  This will normally resolve over the first few hours following their procedure.  If the Chemical peel is combined, clients can have mild peeling 3 to 6 days after the procedure.

How many treatments are required?

Every client is different; so a unique treatment plan will be designed to meet their individual needs.  On average, most patients will need to complete 3 to 6 treatment sessions, spaced about four weeks apart.

Are the results from 2D Rejuvenation long-lasting?

Beautiful skin is a continual process.  The results from the 2D Skin Rejuvenation process can be long-lasting when a routine skin care plan is followed.  A long-term treatment plan including using our premium Skin Care Products and maintenance treatments, will ensure optimal outcomes.

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