Premium Teeth Whitening

Everyone Loves a Beautiful Smile.

There is something unique about having a radiant smile that increases your level of confidence, your self esteem, and most definitely your desire to smile more. It is amazing how much our smile affects our daily lives and how much it affects others around us. What is just as amazing is how a smile with someone can create a viral affect and make them feel so much better about themselves. Sharing a smile doesn’t cost a penny, but it’s rewards are priceless. Our Chair-Side Premium Whitening System, Forever White Whitening Pens and Take Home Kits, deliver affordable, long-term results!

Teeth Whitening is the #1 cosmetic demand each year due to its immediate results! Nearly everyone believes that having a beautiful smile is important.

For many of us, our lifestyle and the aging process have left us with years of unwanted discolorations on our teeth. In addition to smoking, drinking coffee, wine, sodas or even tea are some of the many habits that will contribute to discolored teeth.

Come in and visit Velvet Effect Lasers, let us bring your smile to a level, uncompromisable to other whitening systems.

Performed at 15 minute intervals.

Some of our clients choose to do one session, while other choose two sessions, and for the those who want the Premium Results, three sessions. Giving you a choice to do the sessions as you go, no obligation to do multiple sessions. However, we highly recommend you do multiple.

maximum 3 sessions in 1 day (estimated time for 3 sessions, 55 minutes)

$60 for 1 session

$90 for 2 sessions

Our most popular, 3 sessions for $100

We offer a take home kit, which can be Purchased now.

Call to schedule a treatment or visit our state of the art facility.

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