Our Membership program puts the client first! The program has no sign up or additional fees.
Nothing is going to expire and our clients are not locked into set treatment intervals.
Choose the $79 or $99 membership and that monthly amount, is added directly to your client bank. Your client bank then funds any service or product in that program. When you sign-up, you receive a Bonus, up to a $150 value. Once a member, you receive an instant 15% or 20% off those services in the program you choose. Plus 5% in VelvetRewards® earned towards future services and they also never expire! Plus more perks.
This program is a one of a kind laser and beauty membership designed to fit busy lifestyles and give you maximum benefits, at minimum cost.

If interested in joining our Membership programs, click the JOIN NOW above. A pop-up window will ask, To proceed you must agree to our Membership Terms and Conditions, Click on the “Membership Terms and Conditions“. Carefully read and understand the program. Once read, you can sign up, by clicking “I agree”. You will now see another pop-up window, here you can text us directly. Or with your phone, call / text our office at 718-505-2737 to complete the sign up process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we charge no fees?

Our office has provided Laser services for over 15 years. We designed this program to help our clients complete a series of treatments. We know the science of our treatments, they do require multiple treatments and maintenance, for maximum efficiency. So, it’s your money that funds the client bank every month and it will be applied to the treatments in the membership program you choose. No need for us to charge a penny for your continued business.

Is it true, nothing expires and no time limits for treatments?

Yes, that is correct. You monthly payment is directly funding your client bank. Our system allows clients to add funds to their client bank at anytime. Once any funds are added to the client bank, they can be used for any service or retail product in our office

What happens if I want to use my monthly client bank funds for another service?

No problem, the funds are yours to use, on anything in our office. You will have to pay regular price for the service. The discount will only apply to the services in the package you choose.

Can I cancel at anytime?

No, our membership do require a minimum of 5 months. You may cancel your Membership by providing written notice of cancellation to the us, within thirty (30) days of the expiration date of the current Membership term. To cancel membership, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line: Membership Cancellation: Your Name. Please email us at [email protected]  with the subject line: Membership Cancellation: Your Name. Please also include your email address and the reason for the cancellation. The membership cancellation will be processed within 2-4 business days.  

Can I transfer my membership or my client bank funds?

No, the membership programs are not created for any funding or transferring of items in your account. 

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, you can pause your membership after the first quarter or first three installments. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for pausing your membership. Please email us at [email protected] with the subject line: Membership Pause: Your Name. Please also include your email address and the reason in the email body. Please give us 2-4 business days to pause your membership. Your account wouldn’t be charged once the membership is paused.

What happens if I cancel / reschedule my appointment in less then 48 hours or I forget to show up?

Appointments reserved by Member are bound to our 48-hour cancellation/reschedule policy. Cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48-hours notice will result in a charge of 25% of the price of the scheduled service(s). Appointments that are missed without notice (no show) will result in a charge of 50% of the full price of the scheduled service(s). If 48-hour cancellation/reschedule policy triggers fees, the fees will be funded by your Client Bank (funded from your membership) and/or VelvetRewards®. Payment of the remaining balance will be needed in cash or credit card, before getting another appointment. Payments can be made either in person at the office, by calling the office or thru your online client portal.  

Can I get a refund or get cash back?

No, this membership program funds your client bank. Once funded by the membership monthly amounts, those funds can only be applied to invoices for services or products. 

To proceed you must agree to our Membership Terms and Conditions
I agree


To proceed you must agree to our Membership Terms and Conditions
I agree