Loyalty Program & Smart Phone Application.

We want to thank you for your loyalty and the time you spend with us, so we have created a points-based rewards program to show our appreciation for your business and the business of your friends and family. Reward Points translate into dollars that can be redeemed for services, products and more!
Best part is, if you are a client/patient of our office, you are already enrolled and need to take no action. It is an automated program. When you make a purchase you will be earning!
For new clients/patients enrollment is automatic with your 1st treatment

*Essentially, for every 1,000 points earned, you’ll receive $10.00 worth of credit -redeemable towards services & retail purchases.

Quick and Easy Ways to Earn Rewards!

Refer a Friend1,000 Points per referral
Retail Services2 Points per $1 spent
Injectable Services3 Points per $1 spent
All other Services5 Points per $1 spent
Reviews2,000 Points per review (limit of 3 per calendar year)
Video Testimonials submissions3,000 Points per review (limit of 3 per calendar year)


  • No reward cards to carry, no providing your email or phone number every time you check out. It’s Automatic!
  • Points are awarded as soon as you make a purchase
  • You can start using points as soon as you’ve earned your first point, on your next visit to our office. (Cannot use points the same day they are issued)
  • You may use as few or as many points as you would like for each purchase
  • Points may be used for services or retail items
  • Points never expire, when the points are earned, points are yours

* Other Rules That Apply:

  • Points are issued on net out-of-pocket spending. Any discounts, reward redemptions or coupon redemptions do not earn points
  • Points may not be used towards gift certificates
  • Points are not issued on sales tax
  • If you return an order, the corresponding points will be deducted from your account
  • Points have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash
  • Points are non-transferrable
  • Points from multiple accounts may not be combined
  • Points are collected and allotted to the recipient at time of purchase
  • Referrals must mention your name at the time of purchase
  • Certain published sales will specify, when no points can be used or be earned, on those specific sale items.
  • Reviews from Google Plus, Facebook and Yelp must be printed out and submitted at the time of purchase with a limit of 3 reviews per calendar year, per customer. Only 1 submission review can be used, per visit
  • Reviews from Yelp are subject to a 3 week monitoring period. The website of Yelp has a filtering system, that could cause your review to end up in “reviews that are not currently recommended.” If that happens, we cannot honor the delivery of your reward points
  • Referral information for new patients or client will be collected onsite at the time of your visit
  • A referred person will receive reward points based on your purchases for that day
  • If our 48 cancellation policy is not followed. Accumulated reward points will automatically be deducted, to equal the amount owed

If the fee exceeds the amount you have in available points. Payment of the remaining balance will be needed in cash or credit card, before getting another appointment

Payments can be made either in person at the office or by calling the office or by the online at your Client Login

  • Please referrer to our Cancellation Policy.
  • We reserve the right to change the rules of the Rewards Program at any time

We have replaced the the Check-In’s on your smartphone effective April 10, 2018. NO NEED TO HAVE TO CHECK-IN, IT NOW IS AUTOMATED.

Anyone with check-in’s can continue to reach 6, then after redeeming. You will automatically start earning by the way mentioned above

Directions on how to download our application to your phone.

Click on you device type to download the application

The application is also available on the Apple app store or on Android Google play. To find it manually:

First depending on which service you use to download apps, you’ll then search Velvet Effect Lasers.

Then click on the download button.

The phone will automatically install the application onto your phone.

You are then ready to access the Loyalty Program and many our features of our Business Application.